18K Gold Balloon House Pendant

18K Gold Balloon House Pendant
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Brand: ApolloBox
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Handcrafted to perfection with stunning natural stones like rubies, sapphires, opals, moonstones, and more, the 18k Gold Balloon House Pendant is a treasure that will be unique to you. Each house features tiny stones as its windows and doors and bigger stones as the variety of balloons that lifts it high into the sky. Wear the 18K Gold Balloon House Pendant every day, for unique photoshoots, or to give as a one of a kind gift! Includes: 1 pendant without chainMaterials: 18k gold, natural ruby, natural opal, natural moonstone, natural Tsavorite, natural sapphireUses: Everyday use, unique gifts for all occasions, photoshoots, birthdays, and more