2000' Twist Tie, Plastic/Paper/Metal (312C)

2000' Twist Tie, Plastic/Paper/Metal (312C)
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Brand: Plas-Ties
Color: Blue
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This plastic/paper/metal device is Plas-Ties most popular twist tie spool used on the Tie-Matic HD38, HD58, and HD78 machines. The spool is designed with a metal core encased in plastic and paper to resist rust. The flexible core and plastic/paper sheath wrap around an object to be bundled. From the food industry to the industrial marketplace, spool provides the perfect closure for your applications. With 2000' of genuine Plas-Ties twist tie material, you are assured of optimal performance from your Tie-Matic HD twist tie machines. This Plas-Ties spool will keep your assembly line in constant motion..One spool per pack.Standard spool for use on Tie-Matic HD38, HD58, and HD78 twist tie machines.Weight: 16 lbs..Tying diameter: 5/32".Spool length: 2000'.Core made of metal, encased in blue plastic and paper.Wire gauge: 27