Ampad Steno Pad, 6" x 9", Gregg, Blue Cover, 80 Sheets/Pad (TOP25-286)

Ampad Steno Pad, 6" x 9", Gregg, Blue Cover, 80 Sheets/Pad (TOP25-286)
Categories: Accessories, Pen
Brand: Ampad
Color: Blue
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Keep accurate notes or take dictation with these Ampad Gregg-ruled steno pads. The wire-bound top makes it easy to reference information written on previous pages, and the blue paper lends a professional touch to your writings. Each page features a micro-perforated edge, allowing for clean sheet removal. These Ampad Gregg-ruled steno pads come in a conveniently compact size that fits neatly in a bag or briefcase..Sheet size: 6" x 9".Gregg-ruled paper printed precisely for shorthand applications.Made in the USA.Top spiral-bound design for easy access of sheets inside.Steno pad for general office note taking and shorthand applications.80 microperforated sheets per notepad for tidy and efficient sheet removal.Take notes in the field, courtroom or office with these Ampad blue 6 x 9-inch Gregg-ruled steno pads..Remain ready to take down important information anywhere you go with this compact Ampad steno book. This Evidence blue steno book features a vibrant and easily identifiable cover that helps you locate it on your desktop with just a glance, and the blue pages inside provide a contrasting surface that makes dark pen and pencil texts exceptionally legible when you need to review or transcribe your notes. Versatile Design The spiral-bound flip cover of this 6-inch x 9-inch steno book lets you access a page you’ve started or a fresh sheet quickly and easily, making this steno book an ideal choice for times when you need to capture observations or impressions on the fly. The compact size ensures it never bulks up your bag or weighs you down, while the durable chipboard backing lets you write without hard surfaces such as desks or tables. The rugged cover not only protects your notes from damage, but also reduces the risk of them being seen by prying eyes. Ideal for Shorthand Enjoy the convenience of writing in longhand or shorthand using this Ampad Evidence steno book. The Gregg-ruled book features a handy divider down the center of each page that helps you keep notes well organized by topic or subject while also making it simple to jot down traditional shorthand symbols for easy transcription when you return to your desk.