AutoExec GripMaster Elite Laptop Desk (AEGRIP-01 ELITE)

AutoExec GripMaster Elite Laptop Desk (AEGRIP-01 ELITE)
Categories: Accessories, Pen
Brand: AutoExec
Color: Light Wood
206.99 USD
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Even with all of the technology available, paper files and traditional writing is still a necessary evil. Our GripMaster car desk is ideal for this type of work. The top surface of this desk is covered with a rubber non-skid material; this ensures that a laptop, briefcase, PDA, or cell phone will keep from sliding while the vehicle is in motion. This GripMaster features a pull-out writing surface with built-in clipboard, which provides a convenient area for doing paperwork and writing. The large storage area underneath is great for office tools and accessories and also for keeping a laptop out of sight. Additional storage compartments hold small supplies such as pens, maps, etc..Increase productivity by keeping your vehicle organized and efficient with the large work surface and smaller storage compartments located towards the back of the car desk.Designed to be used in a vehicle to support writing and working with a laptop, making this an ideal tool for the mobile office worker who uses a combination of work solutions.The desk is designed to be seat belted into the front passenger seat and is easy to remove or install.Manufactured with a hidden storage compartment located underneath the work surface so you can keep valuables hidden at all times