Avery Big Tab Write & Erase Plastic Dividers, 8-Tab, Multicolor (16171)

Avery Big Tab Write & Erase Plastic Dividers, 8-Tab, Multicolor (16171)
Categories: Accessories, Pen
Brand: Avery
Color: Multicolor
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Avery Big Tab write and erase plastic dividers give you and your staff an opportunity to create easy-to-read dividers for reports and everyday documents within minutes. Just use a pencil or ballpoint pen to write on each tab, and simply erase the tabs and write new information when you need to update your folders at a later date. The tabs are multicolored, allowing you to color-code the information inside of your reports or manuals. They also feature a sturdy, long-lasting design..Oversized tabs provide a large writing space, tabs are three-hole punched for use with letter-sized binders or seven-hole punched for mini binders.Multicolored pastel plastic tabs stand out.Reusable, sturdy tabs allow for many uses and lots of customization.Write-on plastic dividers with tabs for organizing information.Package contains one set of eight tabs total.Works with binders that hold 8.5" x 11" paper.Durable plastic is tear-resistant and wipes clean with most non-abrasive household cleaners.Avery Big Tab write and erase plastic dividers help you quickly and easily create dividers for informal, everyday documents.. Versatile Use These Avery Big Tab write and erase dividers are designed for use with three-hole-punched binders that hold 8.5" x 11" pages. You can also use them in mini binders and organizers designed for seven-hole punched items sized at 5.5" x 8.5". Write and Erase Tab Design These reusable Avery Big Tab dividers let you change pertinent information and data, such as dates and names, thanks to their write and erase design. Use a pencil or erasable ballpoint pen to quickly change the information on the tabs whenever necessary. Larger Writing Surface These Avery dividers feature tabs that are 50 percent larger compared to normal dividers, which allows for more writing space on each tab. Write one or two words or phrases, or go with oversized letters and numbers, depending on your style or needs.