BIC Intensity Permanent Pens, Fine Point (0.5mm), Red, Dozen (FPIN11RD)

BIC Intensity Permanent Pens, Fine Point (0.5mm), Red, Dozen (FPIN11RD)
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Brand: BIC
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Add color and flair to your notes with the vibrant red ink of the BIC intensity permanent pens. The red color is ideal for color-coding notes and memos between offices. Easily identify the color ink with the matching pen cap, keeping your office organized and streamlined. Work quickly and efficiently with ink that doesn’t smear so your notations remain clear and concise. This pen combines the staying power of permanent ink with the controllability of a fine point perfect for labeling folders and important documents..Package contains 12 pens.Sleek and professional design with a metal clip for easy handling.Red ink.Ink applies smoothly and won’t bleed through paper.Felt tip 0.x millimeter.Fine point permanent pen for vivid marking.Writes like a ball point pen with vivid markings like a marker.Round barrel with color that matches ink to easily identify pen.Enjoy smooth writing of a ballpoint pen with the vivid ink of a marker with the BIC Intensity permanent pens.. Fine Tip Precision with Marker-Like Ink Thick permanent markers are a great option for making easily-seen marks, but they can be cumbersome and difficult when used for writing. The BIC Intensity pens utilize the rich color in a fine tip to make precise notations. The permanent staying power of the ink keeps your notes clearly visible for years, perfect for labeling folders that may be stored long term. Ink Dries Quickly and Does Not Bleed The BIC Intensity pens dry quickly as you write to avoid any ink smears, so you can write confidently without worry of accidental ink transfer. Even with the bold color of the ink, your markings will not bleed through the paper, meaning you can write with a number of documents on your desk without any danger. Streamlined Design with Metal Clip Impress your clients with the professional appearance of the pen with a matching color barrel. The thin barrel and metal clip allows you to easily store the pen with any others in your collection while keeping your utensils organized.