BIC Velocity Mechanical Pencil, 0.9mm, #2 Hard Lead, 5/Pack (41021)

BIC Velocity Mechanical Pencil, 0.9mm, #2 Hard Lead, 5/Pack (41021)
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Brand: BIC
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Experience clean, crisp writing with these 0.9mm mechanical pencils. With a sliding sleeve over the tip, these BIC Velocity assorted-barrel mechanical pencils prevent the lead from breaking, so you can write smoothly without interruption, while the included eraser lets you correct mistakes as you go..This pencil has No. 2 lead that resists breaking for consistently smooth writing.Pencils come in pack of five and can replace pens during many common work-related tasks or projects.Refillable lead makes it economical.Pencil features a specially designed soft grip for comfortable writing.Convenient pocket or notebook clip.0.9mm hard lead features bonded break-resistant quality that provides smooth writing.Blue, green, orange, pink, and purple round barrels.Mechanical pencils are ready to use right out of the box.The retractable mechanism allows you to use lead when you need it and keep it from breaking when you don’t.Built-in erasers allow you to correct mistakes and make changes anytime.Avoid lead-breakage with this 5-pack of BIC Velocity 0.9mm assorted-barrel mechanical pencils.. Strong and Sturdy Lead Create bold, firm strokes without the worry of wasteful and messy breakage. The 0.9mm lead of these mechanical pencils from BIC is sturdy and strong, allowing you to work continuously without having to sharpen or constantly refill while keeping lead costs down. Comfortable Grip Hold these mechanical pencils comfortably in your hands with the soft rubber grips wrapped around each barrel. Designed to fight discomfort and writer’s cramp, these opaque grips help you to persevere to get work done. Refillable Colored Barrels Keep these Velocity mechanical pencils from BIC for the long haul, allowing you to retain the comfortable writing utensils you love. Save your company money by refilling them when the lead runs out, making them a permanent, colorful fixture in your desk drawer.