BIC Xtra Precision Mechanical Pencil, 0.5mm, #2 Hard Lead, 2 Dozen (MPLMFP241-BLK)

BIC Xtra Precision Mechanical Pencil, 0.5mm, #2 Hard Lead, 2 Dozen (MPLMFP241-BLK)
Categories: Accessories, Pen
Brand: BIC
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Use these No. 2 mechanical pencils to write papers, do math, draw or take standardized tests. These BIC assorted mechanical pencils have 0.5mm tips that let you create bold lines while maintaining sharp precision..Refillable lead makes it economical.Convenient pocket or notebook clip.Sparkling barrels in bright assorted colors stand out on your desk.Mechanical pencils are ready to use right out of the box.Pencils come in pack of 24 and can replace pens during many common work-related tasks or projects.Built-in erasers allow you to correct mistakes and make changes anytime.This pencil has 0.5mm, No. 2 hard lead that resists breakage for smooth writing.Stock up your home, office or classroom with this 24-pack of BIC 0.5mm assorted #2 mechanical pencils.. Strong, Long-Lasting Lead These BIC mechanical pencils feature strong, durable lead to prevent breakage as you write or sketch. Each pencil delivers the writing equivalent of 2.5 wood case pencils, ensuring each piece lasts throughout multiple uses. Designed to deliver a smooth writing experience, these pencils create crisp, legible results. Easy-to-Use Design Featuring a convenient mechanical design, these BIC pencils offer easy operation without the need to sharpen the points. Simply depress the eraser end of each pencil to deliver more lead to the point, so you can continue to work uninterrupted. Because each piece is disposable, these pencils can be discarded as needed. Multi-Pack Convenience With 24 pencils in each pack, these BIC mechanical pencils make it easy to keep your desk, classroom or supply room stocked. Keep a package at your desk for easy access, or hand out individual pencils to each cubicle in your office. Safety Data Sheet