Bostitch Konnect Plastic 9-Piece Desktop Organizer & Cable Management Kit, Black (KT-CKIT2-BLK)

Bostitch Konnect Plastic 9-Piece Desktop Organizer & Cable Management Kit, Black (KT-CKIT2-BLK)
Categories: Accessories, Pen
Brand: Bostitch
Color: Black
82.1 USD
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De-clutter your desk in a flash with this 9-piece Konnect desk organizer set. This kit is loaded with everything you’ll need for a clean and stunning desk. The short and long cord management rails not only hide unpleasing wires that normally rest under your feet, but also docks all the accessories to one stable spot. Keep the essentials nearby..Short storage bin is ideal for holding pens, pencils, clips, tacks and other small personal items.USB phone dock provides secure vertical and horizontal nesting for comfortable device viewing and use.Sticky note holder can also hold business cards and other like-shape items (includes sticky notes).Contains (4) slatwall hooks, (4) screws, (4) drywall anchors and (2) left & right end caps.3 Year Limited Warranty.Tape dispenser includes (1) roll of .75" premium single- sided office tape.24357595.Color: Black.Cord management rails route/hide cables and docks accessories.This Bostitch Konnect 9-piece workspace organizer kit comes with two (2) cord management rails to set your desk up for ultimate success!.The short and wide storage bins hold everything from pens and paper clips to your favorite chapstick. The tape dispenser is slim and provides easy cutting. The sticky note holder safely displays important sticky notes and business cards. It even has (2) integrated holders for pens and pencils! Get a single roll of office tape and a yellow sticky note pad with these items. The USB phone dock allows for easy use and viewing of your phone while charging it with the USB port. This Konnect desk organization system offers zero clutter in your office or at-home workspace. Use the slatwall hooks, screws or drywall anchors for staple mounting. Kit includes (1) 12" Cord Management Rail, (1) 21.5" Cord Management Rail, (1) Corner Connector, (1) Rail Extender, (1) Short Storage Bin, (1) Wide Storage Bin, (1) Tape Dispenser, (1) Sticky Note & Card Holder and (1) USB Phone Dock. Short Storage Bin: 3.5" H x 3.4" W x 3.5" D, Sticky Note Holder: 3.5" H x 3.9" W x 3.5" D, Tape Dispenser: 3.5" H x 1" W x 3.5" D, Phone Dock: 5" H x 3" W x 3.5" D