BOX Multi-Purpose Rubber Band, #107

BOX Multi-Purpose Rubber Band, #107
Categories: Accessories, Pen
Brand: Quill Brand
Color: Beige
86.99 USD
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BOx Multi-Purpose rubber band of size #107 - 8" x 5/8" is economical and ideal for bundling, sealing and attaching applications. Reusable band with superior stretch makes banding a wide variety of items convenient..Compliants and standard: Freight class 70.Multipurpose bands are ideal for bundling, sealing and attaching.Size #107 - 7" x 5/8".10 lb. bag.Superior stretch makes banding a wide variety of items convenient.Economical bands are reusable.7" x 5/8" multi purpose rubber band is ideal for bundling, sealing and attaching..Our Multipurpose Rubber Band Secures Items TogetherOrganize a supply closet by bundling like items together with our multipurpose rubber bands. The superior stretch extends the band to bind larger items. A busy office needs a supply of these multipurpose rubber bands on hand to bring order to the chaos. Your staff can use these rubber bands to group together pens in a drawer, stash highlighters in the supply closet, or send a sample attached to a catalog for a new client. Work trucks can use a supply of rubber bands to bind together tools, equipment and other small items that they use everyday and need to keep together. Strong Enough for ReuseThese economical rubber bands stretch out to cover large items and then return to its former shape when removed so that your staff can reuse them over and over again. Employees can stretch these out without fear of the band breaking and snapping back on their hands with superior stretching power.