BreakDown Odor Eliminator Concentrate, Fresh, 4/Carton (94291110)

BreakDown Odor Eliminator Concentrate, Fresh, 4/Carton (94291110)
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Brand: BreakDown
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Use this odor control formula as a versatile tool to combat unpleasant aromas that can infect a variety of surfaces. This eliminator uses special bacteria that produce enzymes capable of digesting the root cause of the odors, stopping them at their source. This BreakDown odor eliminator is a multi-surface product that can be used on carpet, in trash bags or anywhere that odors settle..To order secondary labels, contact Diversey Customer Service at 1-800-558-2332 option 3..Bottle capacity: 128 oz..Contains non-pathogenic bacteria that counteract and eliminate the source of odors.Fights a wide range of odors in carpets, washrooms, trash cans, and more.Each box contains four bottles with odor concentrate.Concentrate dilution ratio: 1:20-1:64.Liquid has fresh scent and red color. Safety Data Sheet .Odor eliminator is effective for general carpet cleaning and to remove odors and stains.pH level 7.5 (concentrate), 7.1 (use dilution).Use to eliminate odors in plumbing pipes and grease traps.Tackle odors at their source with BreakDown odor eliminator in a 1-gallon container.