Dowling Magnets Classroom Attractions Kit Level 2

Dowling Magnets Classroom Attractions Kit Level 2
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Brand: Dowling Magnets
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Dowling Magnets Classroom attractions level 2 kit is ideal for ages 6 - 9 and teaches the concept of magnetism. Kit contains 57 pieces and features all the materials required to implement the studies of magnets..Comprehensive kits provide all the materials needed to implement or supplement a study of magnets in the classroom.Small parts, not for children under 3 years.Includes 5 block magnets, 5 ceramic horseshoe magnets, 5 compasses, 5 disc magnets, 5 pencils, 5 magnet wands, 5 north/south bar magnets, 5 sets polished steel shapes, 15 ring magnets, demo bar magnet and a teacher activity guide.Also includes 15 ring magnets and 5 sets of polished steel shapes demostration bar magnets.For ages 6-8 and grades 1-3.Each kit contains an easy-to-use educational guide.Age group and grade: Ages 6 - 9 and grades 1st - 3rd.57/set.Includes 5 each of magnet wands, north/south bar magnets, disc magnets, ceramic horseshoe magnets, compasses, pencils and black magnets.Type: Magnetism.Classroom attractions kit level 2 provide all the materials needed to implement or supplement a study of magnets in the classroom.. Durability Constructed with a sturdy cover board, this Cardinal heavy duty binder can withstand a plenty of punishment in the workplace and in the field, all while keeping the documents within crisp and undamaged. The tough polyolefin material is also tear- and split-resistant, so shove the binder into bags, toss it into trunks and take it along in a suitcase without worrying about it looking shabby. Capacity The Cardinal Speedy XtraLife slant-D ring binder features plenty of space on its 1-inch rings, serving as a solid solution for storing documents, important files and more. Not only do the binder’s D-rings help pages life flat and remain unruffled, but their design also holds more than standard round rings. Professionalism A sleek PVC-free, antiglare plastic cover gives this heavy-duty 1-inch binder an understated, professional look that can elevate the quality level of any report or presentation. Customize the cover and spine with a personalized title, cover insert or label using the clear plastic pockets.