Dowling Magnets Iron Filings (DO-731019)

Dowling Magnets Iron Filings (DO-731019)
Categories: Accessories,Magnets
Brand: Dowling Magnets
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Dowling Magnets iron filings is ideal for grades 1 - 12 and provides great concentration around the strongest part of a magnet. Iron filings create amazing patterns when sprinkled on the paper and moved with magnets underneath..Iron filings will have the greatest concentration around the strongest part of a magnet.Place a magnet under a sheet of paper, sprinkle a small amount of iron filings onto the paper and tap gently.Age group and grade: Ages 8+ and grades 1st - 12th.Number of pieces: 12 oz. of iron filings.Sprinkle iron filings on paper and move with magnets underneath to make amazing patterns.