Gel-a-Peel 518808 Deluxe Craft Kit (5 Pack)

Gel-a-Peel 518808 Deluxe Craft Kit (5 Pack)
Categories: Accessories, Keychains
Brand: Gel-a-Peel
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Gel-a-Peel allows you to express yourself through your own designer creations!

Design and create your own fashionable accessories with Gel-a-Peel. Its so easy and fun! Use the gel color tube to trace the templates, peel the gel design, and youre creations are ready to wear! The Gel-a-Peel Deluxe Pack has the widest assortment of hot colors and accessory hardware, so you can create accessories to match your individual style! Make over 100 colorful gel accessories. Design. Peel. Wear & Share!

Product Features:

  • 5 Gel-a-Peel color tubes - Pearly Lilac, Sparkle Seafoam, Pure Gold, Sparkle Coral, Pearly Plum
  • Deluxe kit includes 24 design templates, 7 designer tips (round, star, rake), clear drawing sheet, and cleaning tool
  • Accessory hardware for earrings, headband and keychain
  • Makes 100+ beginner bracelets!
  • Additional colors available in other Gel-a-Peel kits
  • If youre drawing sheet is rolled, flatten it by counter rolling and running it under warm water for a few mins
  • Make sure the tape down the template and drawing sheet on a flat surface before designing
  • Recommended drying time for each accessory is on the template allow your design to fully dry before peeling and wearing
  • Learn tips and tricks on the Gel-a-Peel YouTube channel
  • Ages: 8+ years