HP 308A 110-Volt Fuser Kit (Q3655A)

HP 308A 110-Volt Fuser Kit (Q3655A)
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Brand: HP
Color: Black
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The HP 110-volt fuser kit works with your HP laser printer to deliver professional-looking pages for your color-printing needs. Perfect for high-volume printing in a professional environment, this fuser kit can print up to 60,000 high-quality pages per cartridge, and whether it’s the first printing job or the last, you can enjoy consistent quality..Manufactured specifically for HP printers, original HP fuser kit offer fast, hassle-free printing.Yields up to 60,000 pages per cartridge.HP 110A fuser kit deliver consistent yields and provide high-quality results.HP 110-Volt Fuser Kit - Prints up to 60,000 High Quality Pages. Seamless Integration This original fuser kit is made specifically to work with HP printers, providing seamless integration so you never have to struggle with incompatibility or quality issues. Installation is simplethis fuser slips easily into HP printers and locks into place with the push of a lever for easy setup. High-Quality Results There’s no need to worry about the constant need to buy replacement fuserswith a single cartridge, the HP 110-volt fuser kit allows you to print up to 60,000 professional-quality pages. Whether you are printing marketing materials, emails, or interoffice memos, this fuser consistently issues high-quality pages for your business’s specific needs. Vibrant Colors When you choose to print in color, the vibrant colors created with the HP 110-volt fuser kit robustly depict your images and text. The efficient design of this fuser and its cost-effective operation mean that you can enjoy high-quality color prints without breaking your budget.