HP L2718A ADF Maintenance Kit

HP L2718A ADF Maintenance Kit
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Brand: HP
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HP L2718A#101 ADF Roller replacement kit is compatible with Hewlett-Packard Scanjet 7500 scanner. This replacement roller kit reduces interruptions caused by normal assembly wear. Easy to install and helps to get back to business quickly for better performance..Extend the life of the scanner with a replacement roller and separation pad.Maintain your scanner’s high-quality performance.Comes with 3 months limited warranty.Comes with kit assembly, ADF separation pad assembly and instruction flyer.Compatible with Hewlett-Packard Scanjet 7500 scanner.Minimizes interruptions made by normal assembly wear to maintain high quality of scanner.Maintains high quality performance of the scanner for an extended life.Reduce interruptions caused by normal roller and separation pad wear.Weighs 7.76 oz.HP ADF Roller replacement kit helps to maintain your scanner’s high-quality performance.