HP Premium Plus Glossy Photo Paper, 8.5" x 11", 25/Pack (CR671A)

HP Premium Plus Glossy Photo Paper, 8.5" x 11", 25/Pack (CR671A)
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Brand: HP
Color: White
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Give your photography business a professional edge by printing photos in high gloss with these HP Premium Plus photo papers. Coated to resist smudging, sticking, and moisture, these fade-resistant papers retain the superior quality of your photos for posterity. Crafted for a luxurious feel with a strong keepsake element, these 11.5 mil-thick papers are ideal for special events such as weddings, graduation or christening ceremonies. Produce impressive results on all types of inkjet printers with these photo papers..11.5 mil thick, ensures professional-quality photos.11.5 mil thickness for the sturdy feel of traditional photos.Superior professional grade finish, weight and thickness.FSC certification confirms that the source material comes from a sustainable resource.Soft gloss finish photo paper.Dimensions: 11 inches x 8.5 inches.Photo paper is recyclable and certified by FSC that paper fibers are responsibly sourced from sustainable forests.Soft-gloss finish for bright colors and skin tones.Soft gloss finish renders vibrant colors.Produces photos that resist fading for generations*.Resists smudging, sticking, moisture and fading to preserve images for posterity.Fast drying, water and smudge resistant photos.25 sheets/pack.Bright white color offers a stark contrast for clear printing.Professional quality, looks and feels like a true photograph.Sourced from environmentally-friendly recyclable material that reduces pollution and waste.Bright white for superb color contrast and accurate reproduction.Promises the same finish, weight and thickness of a traditional photo. Vibrant colors and deeper blacks make for high-quality, long-lasting photos..11.5 mil thickness for heavyweight photos that last generations.Unique coating prevents prints from sticking when stacked.Compatible with all inkjet printers for ease of use.HP Premium Plus Photo paper measuring 8 1/2" x 11" comes with soft glossy finish that maximizes the color intensity, sold as 25 per pack.. Beautiful Vibrant Images Bright white paper with a soft gloss finish provides radiant pictures and prismatic colors for your photos. Premium Plus paper is resistant to fading, so both color and black and white prints last for years. Professional Quality Results HP Premium Plus is a superior standard of chemically-treated photography paper. Get fast-dry photographs that are resistant to water and smudges, specially coated to not stick together, right from your office inkjet printer. The soft gloss finish brings out the intensity of colors for outstanding results. Traditional Durability The thickness, weight and sturdiness of HP Premium Plus photo paper is like that of traditional photographs, suitable for framing, which makes a great impression for your business. The paper is recyclable and FSC-certified from responsibly managed and sustainable forests.