HPE LTO-3 Ultrium C7973A Data Cartridge, Gold

HPE LTO-3 Ultrium C7973A Data Cartridge, Gold
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Brand: HPE
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Store up to 800GB of critical large-scale IT files with this data cartridge. This heavy-duty technology reads at blazing speeds of 120MB/sec. and has an archival life of up to 30 years. The LTO technology speeds up access time with some of the industry’s leading capacity-to-performance ratio available. This HP Ultrium data cartridge is equipped with write-on labels to keep track of files..Lifetime manufacturer limited warranty.Data cartridge delivers faster access time and enhanced media monitoring.Includes write-on labels.Comes in gold color.Base material: metal particle (MP) magnetic material.Operating temperature range: from 50 to 113 degrees Fahrenheit; day-to-day storage temperature: from 60.8 to 89.6 degrees Fahrenheit, and 10-80% (non-condensing) humidity.Data cartridges allow users to record up to 400GB/800GB (native/compressed) of data capacity. Complete Manufacturer Specifications .Secure your company’s important data with this HP Ultrium 800GB rewritable data cartridge.