Hqtelecom BTA340 Phone Bluetooth Adapter

Hqtelecom BTA340 Phone Bluetooth Adapter
Categories: Computers, Adapters
Brand: hqtelecom
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This improved Bluetooth Telephone device converts your traditional non-Bluetooth home/office single-line telephone (PSTN or VOIP telephone line) to Bluetooth and allows you to answer calls using Bluetooth headsets. You can enjoy the comfort and convenience of hands-free communication with this gadget, and answer calls more freely (e.g. up to 300 feet distance limitation between this adapter and your Bluetooth headset). It can also be installed on a standard single-line analog or VOIP phone system. Perfect for multitasking at home or at the office. With this Bluetooth telephone adapter you can use any Bluetooth headset with your land-line telephone for wireless communication. This convenient device will allow you to complete task such as cleaning, cooking, or babysitting, all while taking calls from relatives, friends or your co-workers. Ideal for parents of small children; now you can look after your toddler while talking on your landline phone without the use of your hands or messy wires. Use in conjunction with existing phone(s). Compatible with Bluetooth headsets version 2 or older. Easy-of-use, quick pairing. NOTE - This device only works on a single landline or VoIP phone line.

  • Allows you to answer your home-based phone calls using a wireless Bluetooth headset.
  • Easy to setup and use -- Simply connect phone line, handset, pair it with headset and start answering calls on your headset!
  • Pair up to eight (8) headset devices at the same time.
  • At home, you don?t have to rush any longer to get your phone while doing shores, cleaning, taking care of children, working around the yard.
  • At work, make your phone extension portable. You can roam around your office and still answer your incoming calls when needed.
  • Compatible with all Bluetooth 2.0 + headsets. Working distance up to 300 feet (100 m).
  • Works with any single line telephone line (Landline, VoIP or PBX)
  • Free technical support