Htc Vive Pro Full Kit

Htc Vive Pro Full Kit
Brand: HTC
Color: Black
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Experience immersion unlike any other with the HTC Vive Pro Full Kit. Offering true-to-life precise tracking, vibrant colours and super-realistic sounds, the HTC Vive Pro will transport you to any scene in split seconds! Boasting the highest quality display of any VR headset, Vive Pro gives life to any realities. The all new screen panels dazzle the eye and sweep you away into your wildest imagination. Uncompromising, super-rich colours and details bring objects to life like never before. 3D spatial sound delivers true-to-life immersive audio. A powerful amplifier drives high-impedance headphones, creating soundscapes that will change your world. The dual microphones allow for active noise cancellation as well as enabling Alert Mode and Conversation Mode - so you hear your surroundings while being immersed in any realities without having to take off the headset. The HTC Vive Pro full kit also comes with everything you’ll need, including a spare face cushion, 2x controllers and much more. Includes a 6 month infinity subscription. Inside the HTC Vive box is a digital code. Redeem the digital code here Create a Viveport account to receive your 6 month Viveport infinity subscription Supplied in the box: 1x HMD 1x 3-in-1 Cable 1x Spare Face Cushion 1x Linkbox 2x Base (+power adaptors) 2x Controllers (plus micro USB power adaptors) 1x 5m AUX Cable 1x HDMI-HDMI 1x USB-USB 1x 5m Cable 1x Headphones Additional information: Depth: 344 MM VIVE Pro is the most capable, and fully featured Virtual Reality system VIVE has ever made. The all new screen panels sweep you away into your wildest imagination. Super-rich colors and details bring objects to life like never before. The redesigned face cushion and nose pad block even more light, which deepens your sense of presence while using VIVE Pro. Expand your horizons, and invite your friends. With multiple base-stations, you define the boundaries of your virtual world. For the first time, the best virtual reality is available without a cord thanks to IntelĀ® WiGig technology. With VIVE Pro, there’s something VR for anyone. VIVE Pro has the richest content library available on SteamVR and VIVEPORT. The Hi-Res certified HMD and headphones are now integrated with 3D spatial sound to deliver for true-to-life immersive audio. Just place the headset on your face, slide the strap over your head-it’s done. Height: 185 MM Width: 532 MM