Konami Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 (PlayStation 4)

Konami Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 (PlayStation 4)
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Brand: Konami
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PES 2017 is founded around the 'Control Reality' ethos, elevating the award-winning gameplay to a new level via incredible new control elements and a new standard of visual realism, without sacrificing what made PES successful in the first place - playing a match with your friends. The industry-leading Fox Engine once again powers the series to reach new heights, with Konami looking to its focus on first touch, the making and receiving of passes, and AI that adapts to counter the way users play to elevate the game's acclaimed realism.

  • Real Touch - In soccer, what dictates and separates the best from the rest is 1st touch control. In PES 2017, the 1st touch is calculated by player attributes, as well as the further inclusion of real ball physics directly controlled by the input ball touch.
  • Precise Pass - Combining Real Touch and real ball physics, passing is an art form in PES 2017.
  • Goal Keeping - Keepers see a great jump in quality through added motions and animations, creating the most agile keepers in PES history. They instantly react to shots, including fast follow up, in which they spring into action after landing. Further improvements have made to a variety of situations the goalkeeper will face, including 3 significant areas.
  • Advanced Instructions - Strategies that are very much individually defined, such as Tiki-taka and tight marking, which is strongly based on team ideology, can now be set in "Advanced Instructions", which adds a huge variety in how you plan to win.
  • Total Team Control - The series is known for incredible depth when controlling how your team plays, and with Total Team Control in PES 2017, users have new on-the-fly options during a match.
  • Corner Kick Control - Control the defensive and offensive strategies on set pieces to add a new dimension to corner kicks.
  • Adaptive AI - For the first time in a soccer game, the AI will learn how you play, listen to your strategy plans, fo