Lenovo 10MB0022US ThinkCentre M715s SFF, AMD Pro A6-8570, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, Win 7 Pro

Lenovo 10MB0022US ThinkCentre M715s SFF, AMD Pro A6-8570, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, Win 7 Pro
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Packs a punch

Integrating the latest technology, the ThinkCentre M715 small form factor takes your productivity to the next leveland it's primed to grow along with your business. Equipped with the option of AMD's much-anticipated Ryzen PRO processor and DDR4 memory, the M715 generates significantly more powerful system performance than previous generations. The result? Intensive tasks like multimedia creation, graphic design, and number-crunching are a walk in the park.

What will you do with your extra time?

Thanks to ultrafast PCIe SSD technology, youll get things done quicker than ever. PCIe SSD triples performance compared to traditional SSD technology, so youll enjoy an ultraresponsive system that boots in seconds and quickly opens applications.

Kick would-be data thieves to the curb

ThinkCentre M715 keeps your critical data protected. With Trusted Platform Module (TPM) firmware, data is encrypted and your security is bolstered. Plus, the Kensington lock slot for physically securing your PC and the padlock slot that enables locking your internal components work together to ensure you won't need to give theft a second thought.

Keep dust at bay

Whether you're operating in a workshop or just a regular office, dust can build up in your PC over time and affect performance. The M715 SFF has an optional dust shield that reduces internal dust intake by up to 42 percentso your machine will last longer, with less maintenance required. Not only does it boost reliability, it does so without impacting thermals or acoustics. Filters are removable and washable too.

Built for businesstested for life

The ThinkCentre M715 small form factor PC is built to last in any environment. It carries the Think name, which means it's tested against military-specificati