Linksys AC750 Boost Dual-Band Wi-Fi Gigabit Range Extender / Repeater (RE6300)

Linksys AC750 Boost Dual-Band Wi-Fi Gigabit Range Extender / Repeater (RE6300)
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Brand: Linksys
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The new Linksys AC750 Boost Dual-Band Wi-Fi Range Extender with Exclusive Spot Finder Technology eliminates Wi-Fi dead zones throughout a home including, patio, garage, second floors and more. With a simple setup with Push Button Connect and Spot Finder Technology for optimal placement and performance it will boost your Wi-Fi signal coverage up to 6,500 square feet. Cross band Technology maximizes simultaneous use of dual bands while Beam forming focuses and strengthens the Wi-Fi signal. With Wi-Fi speeds up to N300 & AC433 Mbps you will expand your Wi-Fi coverage in large and multi-storied homes with two adjustable, external antennas. You will gain enhanced wired speeds for a Smart TV, gaming console, Blu-ray Disc player other Wi-Fi device using the Gigabit Ethernet port. Works with all Wi-Fi routers.

General Information:ELIMINATE DEAD ZONES AND BOOST WI-FI UP TO 6,500 SQUARE FEET Easily expand your home Wi-Fi to enjoy uninterrupted streaming, smooth online gaming, and more with the Linksys AC750 BOOST Wi-Fi Range Extender (RE6300). The AC750 BOOST extends your existing Wi-Fi range up to 6,500 square feet so you can enjoy a stronger Wi-Fi signal--even outdoors. WORKS WITH ALL Wi-Fi ROUTERS The AC750 BOOST is compatible with all Wi-Fi routers, including your existing unit or those from service providers. Easily expand Wi-Fi without the need to modify any of your router's settings.


  • Simply press the Push Button Connect feature on the AC750 BOOST to automatically sync it to your router.
  • Simple setup from a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Find the optimal location for the range extender using Spot Finder Technology.

  • If placed too far from an existing router, a range extender may not expand Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi may be spotty. Spot Finder helps ensure your Linksys range extender is in the rig