Motorized Fabric Retractable Standard Patio Awning

Motorized Fabric Retractable Standard Patio Awning
Categories: brand,ALEKO
Brand: ALEKO
Color: white
Size: 4.0 H x 156.0 W x 96.0 D in
770.92 USD
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This Motorized Retractable Patio Awning is designed to fit perfectly with your camper or RV. This awning includes a built-in motor to open and close the awning in less than one minute. Simply push a button to expand and retract the awning, or stop the awning at any moment if you dont need full extension. A hand crank is also included in operating the awning without electricity manually. This awning is constructed of durable 100% PVC that provides lasting protection from the sun and rain. This specialized fabric is resistant to UV radiation, water, mildew, stains, and fading. The beautiful one-sided awning can be chosen to match your RV and liven up your outdoor experience for many years to come. While this awning was created with an RV application in mind, this awning can also provide coverage for your front or backyard patio; the installation procedure is the same for both applications. Size: 4" H x 144" W x 96" D