Motorized Retraction Slope Patio Awning

Motorized Retraction Slope Patio Awning
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Brand: ALEKO
Color: brown
Size: 12.0 H x 192.0 W x 120.0 D in
832.01 USD
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Outsmart the weather with ALEKOs Motorized Retractable Awnings. This awning delivers the perfect amount of shade for your patio or balcony, and efficiently protects your home or business from sun damage or light rain. The fabric is made from 100% polyester to best protect you from the elements and keep the inside of your home cool on hot days. Included is an electric motor that easily opens or closes the awning within a minute. For economical purposes or in the case of no electricity, a simple hand crank is provided for manual retraction of the awning. Assembly is required. One-Year Warranty included. Pattern: Solid Burgundy, Size: 12" H x 192" W x 120" D