Motorola MM1025 Transceiver/Media Converter

Motorola MM1025 Transceiver/Media Converter
Brand: Motorola
Color: Black
94.99 USD
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Enhance the reach and performance of your network in minutes with plug and play set up. MoCA Adapters easily handle high-data traffic to lower internet latency, free up WiFi capacity, and deliver more wireless bandwidth for increased speeds..Pack Size if more than 1: No.Dimensions/Size: 1.37" x 4.87" x 3.12".Compatible with (list out): Not Available.True color & Material: Black.Type of Product/Use: Transceiver/Media Converter.The Motorola MM1025 MoCA 2.5 Adapter turns your home’s existing coax cable wiring into a high-speed, reliable 2.5 Gbps Ethernet connection between your router and any smart TV, gaming console, or other remote device.