MOTOROLA Power Plus USB Cable, 15'(L)

MOTOROLA Power Plus USB Cable, 15'(L)
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Brand: Motorola
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Quickly connect your Motorola devices to your PC to transfer data with this Motorola Power Plus USB cable. This convenient cable is 15 feet long, giving you plenty of space to bridge the distance between your equipment. Its RoHS compliance ensures its quality construction, and copper conductors on both ends provide you with a stable, secure connection..USB cable.For all handheld scanners.Color: Gray.Standards: RoHS compliance.Copper conductor.Cable length: 15’.Motorola Power Plus USB Cable - Simple Connectivity. Easy Compatibility … This Motorola Power Plus USB cable is designed for use with Motorola hand-held scanners, so it provides you with the product-specific compatibility needed to ensure stable connections. Its 15-foot length allows you to use it while it’s plugged in, so you can keep scanning bar codes while your scanner is recharging. … … Plug-and-Play Installation … Using this Motorola Power Plus USB cable is as simple as plugging one end into your hand-held bar code scanner and the other into your PC. Each connector tip is designed to fit securely into your equipment, providing you with a consistent source of power while you scan items or transfer data. … … Extremely Flexible … This power cable features a 15-foot length when fully stretched out, allowing you to reach items at a distance as well as move about while you’re working. When it’s not in use, the cable coils to save valuable desktop space, keeping your work area clutter free.