MOTOROLA Tool Balancer Pulley, 10'(L)

MOTOROLA Tool Balancer Pulley, 10'(L)
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Brand: Motorola
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Keep your hand-held scanner out of the way but within reach when you use the Motorola tool balancer. Whether you are working on a ladder or on the ground, the tool balancer offers quick access but keeps your hands free..Cable length: 10’.Copper conductor.Compatiblity: Symbol P302FZY barcode scanner, Symbol P300FZY barcode scanner.Motorola Tool Balancer - Temporary Tool Storage. Compatibility The Motorola tool balancer works with most Motorola hand-held devices. Most scanners have a hole in the corner of the device that allows you to loop the balancer through for easy installation. Quick Access The balancer works on a pulley system that keeps your hand-held device suspended until you need it. You won’t have to worry about dropping it and risking damage when you suspend your device using the balance. Simply reach over, use the device, and let it go when you are finished with your task. Your tool will stay within reach, and you don’t have to worry about storing it or carrying it while you work. This also allows several people to work with the same device. Long Length The tool balancer has a 10-foot cable, which allows you to extend it to reach higher shelves. You can also connect the pulley to a mount or a longer tether for extended use.