Nativity Decoration Set

Nativity Decoration Set
Brand: The Holiday Aisle
Color: red
Size: 12.0 H x 24.0 W x 12.0 D in
189.99 USD
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Decorate your home for the holidays with The Holiday Aisle nativity set. Joseph is holding a wooden staff. Mary looked at the baby Jesus, her eyes filled with love. The stables glowed with the light of stars. Baby Jesus rest in the manger. Hand painted with bold colors and dramatic detail. Made of highest quality resin. Figures include Joseph,Mary,baby Jesus,Shepherds,Angel,The Three Kings ,Cow,Sheep and Donkey. The Holy Family collection is ideal for those looking for a smaller nativity option. Ready to display on a shelf, table or mantel. To clean, dust with soft brush or cloth. Joseph: 12.4"H 5.2"W 3.46"D Mary: 7.6"H 4.96"W 3.86"D Jesus: 3.27"H 4.72"W 3.15"D Wise man 1: 6.93"H 4.33"W 3.94"D Wise man 2: 11.34"H 5.39"W 5.12"D Wise man 3: 6.89"H 4.57"W 3.82"D Shepherd: 6.5"H 4.41"W 3.78"D Angel: 11.54"H 5.79"W 3.82"D Cow: 3.15"H 5.71"W 2.4"D Donkey: 3.35"H 5.59"W 2.05"D Sheep: 2.76"H 3.66"W 1.77"D