Nava Solarium 27' x 27" Wallpaper Roll

Nava Solarium 27' x 27" Wallpaper Roll
Categories: Decoration,Wallpaper
Brand: Latitude Run
Color: gray
Size: 27.0 W in
175.99 USD
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Delightfully diverse, this Wallcoverings is artistically designed around the reemergence of floral motifs and modern design. Manufactured on a unique high-performance substrate, this ultra-easy removable wallpaper is guaranteed easy to install and easy to remove; simply use water to activate. Composed of small cubes of color running on the diagonal for a cheerful effect, Solarium Geo Wallpaper is printed using surface press in which heavy inks and an engraved roller transfer color to paper to create a truly distinct raised ink wallpaper design impossible to duplicate on a modern press. Color: Gray/White