Neutral Nativity Star Hanging Figurine Ornament

Neutral Nativity Star Hanging Figurine Ornament
Categories: Accessories,Magnets
Brand: Coton Colors
Color: yellow
Size: 4.0 H x 4.0 W x 0.75 D in
23.95 USD
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Acting as guiding light to the manger where baby Jesus lays, our Neutral Nativity Gold Star Glass Ornament shines brightly to show the way with a metallic gold background and gold glitter accent. This ornament is part of our Neutral Nativity ornament series, which depicts the miracle of the Christmas Nativity through six uniquely shaped ornaments. Collect them all.Every Coton Colors piece comes to life through the work of our design team in Tallahassee, Florida. We artfully design our products from start to finish to inspire you to never miss an opportunity to celebrate every day.