Non-Numeric 27" Wall Clock

Non-Numeric 27" Wall Clock
Categories: Decoration,Clock
Brand: Brayden Studio
Color: black
Size: 27.55 W x 27.55 D in
172.99 USD
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This is a hot selling black modern 3D wall clock (27 inches). No sound, perfect for lounge, kitchen. Made of high quality material, durable and non-fading. Quiet, create a quiet atmosphere. Stylish appearance, can be used as a clock and decoration, versatile. 20 inches in diameter, made of wrought iron. It has a light design with elegant double rings. It can be easily mounted on the wall with a small invisible hook (included in the package). Beautifully hand-framed with a high-quality finish. Add style to your home or workspace with this tasteful wall decoration. It goes well with any background.