Pacifica Ceramic Rectangular Drop-In Bathroom Sink

Pacifica Ceramic Rectangular Drop-In Bathroom Sink
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Brand: Kingston Brass
Color: white
Size: 5.0 H x 22.0 W x 15.75 D in
238.95 USD
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  • Pacifica collection
  • Finest vitreous china vessel with high chemical and thermal shock resistance
  • Stain resistant and easy-to-clean
  • Closed plumbing from rear end
  • Self rimming sink: Yes
  • Faucet and shut-off valve are sold separately.
  • Installation Type: Drop-in
  • Corner Sink Installation Type:
  • Dual Mount Installation Types:
  • Sink Shape: Rectangular
  • Specialty Shape:
  • Finish: White
  • Primary Material: Ceramic
  • Natural Variation Type: No Natural Variation
  • What is an Overflow?: An overflow is a small hole in the back of the sink that prevents the sink from overflowing. When the sink is full of water, this hole allows air to circulate to the drain so the water can drain more quickly.
  • Overflow Hole: No
  • Faucet Included: No
    • Flow Rate (GPM):
  • Craftsmanship Type: No Craftsmanship
  • Drain Assembly Included: No
  • Drain Type:
  • What is a Shut-Off Valve?: A shut-off valve is connected to the water lines and allows you to turn off the water for just one plumbing fixture instead of your entire home.
  • Shut-Off Valve Included: No
  • What is a P-Trap?: A p-trap holds water to prevent sewer gases from entering the home through the drain. It also traps debris that has drained from the sink to prevent the plumbing system from being clogged.
  • P-Trap Included: No
  • What are Supply Lines?: Supply lines bring water and gas from the plumbing pipes behind your walls to your fixtures.
  • Supply Lines Included: No
  • Pedestal Included:
  • Compatible Pedestal Part Number:
  • Console Included:
  • Shroud Included:
  • Supplier Intended and Approved Use: Residential Use
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Country of Origin - Additional Details: China
  • Style: Modern & Contemporary
  • Compatible Console Part Number:
  • Compatible Shroud Part Number:
  • How to Install (String): First, lower the sink into the countertop hole to check that it fits and the rim connects with the counter while the bowl is completely inside. Then, remove the sink and connect the drain to the inside of the sink. This will make it easier to connect your sink and drain to the plumbing. Next, apply a 0.25" layer of silicone around the sink cutout in the counter, and then carefully place the sink back into the cutout and clean up any excess silicone pushed out with a paper towel. Lastly, install sink clips under the counter and ensure that the drain, p-trap, and supply lines are correctly connected.
  • ASME A112.19.2/CSA B45.1 Compliant: Yes
  • California Proposition 65 Warning Required: Yes
  • CSA B45.5/IAPMO Z124 Compliant - Plastic Plumbing Fixtures:
  • The Overall Length of a sink is measured in inches from left to right. Remember that for drop-in sinks with edges or lips, the Overall Length should be no more than 1" greater than the length of the installation hole in your countertop.
  • The Overall Width of a sink is measured in inches from front to back. Again, the Overall Width for drop-in sinks with edges or lips should be no more than 1" greater than the width of the installation hole in your countertop -- keep this in mind when measuring space for your faucet.
  • The Overall Height of a sink is the external measurement from top to bottom, while the Overall Depth is the interior measure of how much water the sink can hold.
  • Basin Length - Side to Side: 18
  • Basin Width - Front to Back: 11.75
  • Basin Depth - Top to Bottom: 4.25
  • Overall Length - Side to Side: 22
  • Overall Width - Front to Back: 15.75
  • Overall Height - Top to Bottom: 5
  • Overall Product Weight: 36.38
  • Pedestal Height - Top to Bottom:
  • Pedestal Depth - Front to Back:
  • Faucet Centers:
  • Drain Hole Diameter: 1.75
  • Installation Required: Yes
  • Commercial Warranty: No