Park Lane 81'' Rolled Arm Sofa with Reversible Cushions

Park Lane 81'' Rolled Arm Sofa with Reversible Cushions
Categories: Computers,Network
Brand: Braxton Culler
Color: brown
Size: 36.0 H x 81.0 W x 37.0 D in
1469.99 USD
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Park Lane by Braxton Culler is a full living room seating collection that also includes multiple sleeper options. Select a finish and fabric to customize.

  • Removable and reversible back and seat cushions
  • Comfort plus high resilience, high-performance foam cushion cores for extra support, durability, and constant comfort
  • Sinuous wire seat deck construction
  • Hardwood frame
  • Rolled arms
  • Tapered feet
  • Product Type: Sofa
  • Design: Standard
    • Reclining Type:
    • Sleeper Size:
  • Reclining Type Details:
  • Mattress Included: No
  • Seating Capacity - to Migrate: 3
  • Seating Capacity: 3
  • Upholstery Material: Revolution Performance Fabrics
    • Genuine Leather Type:
    • Faux Leather Type:
  • Upholstery Color (Body Fabric: Green and Blue Stripe; 0252-54): Green/Blue
  • Upholstery Color (Body Fabric: Grey Beige Stripe; 0212-83): Gray Beige
  • Upholstery Color (Body Fabric: Eggshell Crypton Performance; 0884-93): Eggshell Crypton
  • Upholstery Color (Body Fabric: Snow Crypton Performance; 0884-91): Snow
  • Upholstery Color (Body Fabric: Blue and Cream Stripe; 0201-64): Blue/Cream
  • Upholstery Color (Body Fabric: Lapis Plaid; 0126-63): Lapis
  • Upholstery Color (Body Fabric: Navy Beige Stripe; 0212-61): Navy Beige
  • Upholstery Color (Body Fabric: Blue and Gray and Beige Stripe; 0229-66): Blue/Gray/Beige
  • Upholstery Color (Body Fabric: Vanilla Textured; 0805-91): Vanilla
  • Upholstery Color (Body Fabric: White Performance Fabric; 0851-94): White
  • Upholstery Color (Body Fabric: Blue Buffalo Check; 0120-61): Blue Buffalo
  • Upholstery Color (Body Fabric: Black Buffalo Check; 0120-81): Black Buffalo
  • Upholstery Color (Body Fabric: Beige Performance Fabric; 0851-73): Beige
  • Upholstery Color (Body Fabric: Black and White Stripe; 0204-81): Black/White
  • Upholstery Color (Body Fabric: Cobalt Blue Stripe; 0204-64): Cobalt Blue
  • Upholstery Color (Body Fabric: Brown and Beige Stripe; 0239-94): Brown/Beige
  • Upholstery Color (Body Fabric: White Textured Performance; 0865-91): White
  • Upholstery Color (Body Fabric: Gray and Teal Stripe; 0216-53): Gray/Teal
  • Upholstery Color (Body Fabric: Light Blue and White Stripe; 0256-54): Light Blue/White
  • Upholstery Color (Body Fabric: Navy Blue Performance Fabric; 0851-61): Navy Blue
  • Upholstery Color (Body Fabric: Navy Textured, 0805-61): Navy
  • Upholstery Color (Body Fabric: Gray Performance; 0863-84): Gray
  • Upholstery Color (Body Fabric: Light Blue Performance Fabric; 0851-55): Light Blue
  • Upholstery Color (Body Fabric: Stone Crypton Performance; 0884-83): Stone
  • Upholstery Color (Body Fabric: Taupe Plaid; 0126-73): Taupe
  • Upholstery Color (Body Fabric: Glacier Blue Textured; 0805-54): Glacier Blue
  • Leg Color (Leg Color: Havana Finish): Havana
  • Leg Color (Leg Color: Frost White Finish): Frost White
  • Leg Color (Leg Color: Java Finish): Java
  • Leg Color (Leg Color: Black Finish): Black
  • Leg Color (Leg Color: Natural Finish): Natural
  • Pattern (Body Fabric: Lapis Plaid; 0126-63, Blue Buffalo Check; 0120-61, Black Buffalo Check; 0120-81, Taupe Plaid; 0126-73): Plaid
  • Pattern (Body Fabric: Green and Blue Stripe; 0252-54, Grey Beige Stripe; 0212-83, Blue and Cream Stripe; 0201-64, Navy Beige Stripe; 0212-61, Blue and Gray and Beige Stripe; 0229-66, Black and White Stripe; 0204-81, Cobalt Blue Stripe; 0204-64, Brown and Beige Stripe; 0239-94, Gray and Teal Stripe; 0216-53, Light Blue and White Stripe; 0256-54): Striped
  • Pattern (Body Fabric: Eggshell Crypton Performance; 0884-93, Snow Crypton Performance; 0884-91, Vanilla Textured; 0805-91, White Performance Fabric; 0851-94, Beige Performance Fabric; 0851-73, White Textured Performance; 0865-91, Navy Blue Performance Fabric; 0851-61, Navy Textured, 0805-61, Gray Performance; 0863-84, Light Blue Performance Fabric; 0851-55, Stone Crypton Performance; 0884-83, Glacier Blue Textured; 0805-54): Solid Color
  • Frame Material: Hardwood
  • Wood Species:
  • Leg Material: Solid Wood
  • Seat Fill Material: Foam
    • Seat Type of Bird Feathers:
  • Seat Construction: Sinuous Springs
  • Back Fill Material: Foam
    • Back Type of Bird Feathers:
  • Removable Cushions: Yes
    • Removable Cushion Location: Seat;Back
    • Removable Cushion Cover: Yes
    • Reversible Cushions: Yes
  • Tufted Cushions: No
  • Toss Pillows Included: Yes
    • Number of Toss Pillows: 2
    • Toss Pillow Upholstery Material:
    • Toss Pillow Fill Material:
    • Toss Pillow Upholstery Material Composition [EU ONLY]:
    • Toss Pillow Fill Material Composition [EU ONLY]:
  • Storage Included: No
    • Storag