Paver Palmwood 24" x 24" Porcelain Paving Stone

Paver Palmwood 24" x 24" Porcelain Paving Stone
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Brand: MSI
Color: gray
Size: 24.0 W x 0.79 D in
75.92 USD
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Porcelain paver sets your residential or light commercial project apart from the rest. Featuring gorgeous gray hues, its realistic grains and knots are reminiscent of fine natural hardwood. This large-format, square porcelain paver can withstand freeze-thaw cycles, making it suitable for most residential and light commercial outdoor flooring applications. Additionally, its slip-resistant and its color and design wont fade over time. Easy to install, stain-resistant, and low maintenance, this porcelain paver is a top choice for those who want designer style without sacrificing practicality. Sand-set it or place it directly on grass for a casual look or install with mortar over a concrete bed to achieve a more formal feel. Recommended for both interior and exterior design projects including floors, paths, driveways, pool areas, and patios, this multitalented porcelain paver is a trendsetting design solution. Wood-look porcelain pavers are incredibly popular and this ones no exception. Color: Palmwood Walnut