Performance Lan Station Keyboard Tray

Performance Lan Station Keyboard Tray
Categories: Computers,Network
Brand: Kendall Howard
Color: white
Size: 19.0 W x 19.0 D in
91.71 USD
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This simple, yet effective sliding shelf is perfect for keyboards, writing surfaces and mouse trays. The keyboard tray makes a great addition to any Kendall Howard LAN station, helping tuck away a standard keyboard where it will not get in the way. The tray mounts in just minutes to any Performance Series Work Station.About Kendall Howard:Based in St. Paul, Minnesota, Kendall Howard is able to provide customers across the country with the rack mounts to meet their needs. Taking industry standard designs in computer components and redesigning them for performance, usability, and safety, Kendall Howard has been able to produce rack mounts that are stronger, functionally superior, aesthetically pleasing, and more cost-effective than ever before.Over the past several years, Kendall Howard has become a leading manufacturer of high quality industrial network racks, server racks, music racks and rack mount accessories. Design innovation remains the focus of the company: from their patent pending modular designs to their breakaway wall mount designs to their new portable rack systems, Kendall Howard rack mounts are stronger, lighter, and more versatile than anything currently on the market.To reinforce the confidence they have in their products, Kendall Howard offers a limited 10 year warranty on any manufacturer defects.