Really Useful 6.5 L Storage Box, Clear (6.5C)

Really Useful 6.5 L Storage Box, Clear (6.5C)
Categories: Computers, Soundcard
Brand: Really Useful Box
Color: Clear
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The Really Useful Box with 6.5 liter capacity in clear can be recycled. Made with 100 percent polypropylene, these boxes are constructed for durability and have reinforced sides to increase compression strength so boxes maintain their shape. Totally flat bottom increases rigidity for stability and allows for perfect stacking with or without lid. The lockable lid is secured with two latchable handles to protect contents of the box from dust and water splashes. It measures 6-1/4" x 7-1/8" x 17-1/4" and hold 20 DVD’s or other media items.Recessed lid with lip for safe and stable stacking.Dimensions: 6-1/4"H x 7-1/8"W x 17-1/4"D.Storage: 20 DVD’s, media.Lid fastens in place with snap lock handles attached to the box itself for secure, reliable and tight closure.Capacity: 6.5 liter (6.87 quarts).Ideal for securely storing office or general home storage.Strong, stackable, storage box, complete with lockable lids.Clear 100% polypropylene makes it easy to identify contents.Color: Clear, Material: Plastic.Flat and reinforced bottom for stability and strength.6.5L clear 100% recyclable Really Useful plastic storage box holds 20 DVD’s or media items