Sky Viper 01732 s1750 Stunt 2017 Edition Drone

Sky Viper 01732 s1750 Stunt 2017 Edition Drone
Brand: Sky Viper
17.55 USD
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Experience the satisfaction of assembling a high-performance drone yourself. The E1700 Stunt Drone Builder has everything you need. Getthe free Drone Builder app for animated step-by-step instructions and a detailed, educational look at the inner workings of a drone. Pore over the flight controller board, which is pre-programmed with ViperFlight 5, a state-of-the-art control firmware based on platforms commonly used in racing-class drones. Learn how the gears relate to your drone's motors. Gather speed up to 25 mph. Features include Flight Assist, which makes flying easier for casual flyers and beginners. Fly your drone using just one stick. Perfect for flying fast outside, the fully-assembled E1700 Drone is also lightweight and safe enough to use indoors.

Sky Viper S1750 Stunt Drone:

  • Improved Auto Hover allows easier control in between commands
  • 8 one-touch stunts are visually impressive
  • Auto Launch and Land for 1-button stationary hover and a gentle landing
  • Flight sensitivity allows you to choose the responsiveness to your controls based on your skill level
  • Dual Flight Mode provides choice of auto and manual flight