Staples Push Pins, Clear, 100/Pack (10540-CC)

Staples Push Pins, Clear, 100/Pack (10540-CC)
Categories: Computers,Headers
Brand: Staples
Color: Clear
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Place charts, notes and reminders on cubicle walls and office bulletin boards with this 100-pack of clear push pins. Featuring sharp steel points, these push pins easily penetrate a variety of surfaces without bending or breaking and easily support the weight of a variety of small items. The 0.25-inch plastic heads make these Staples clear push pins easy to remove and ensure hung items stay in place..Sold in pack of 100.Clear in color and made of steel for durability.Push pin lets you hang everything on a board in a perfect way to stay organized.Hang documents and small items on walls, doors and bulletin boards with this 100-pack of Staples clear push pins..Don’t underestimate the small size of these pushpins. Staples pushpins are strong enough to support a variety of items you need to hang on doors and walls, such as posters, calendars, and photos. The sharp points push cleanly into walls, and the plastic pinheads hold your hanging objects in place. Stay Well Stocked With one hundred pushpins in each set, you’ll have a ready supply for tacking items together, displaying charts, and hanging important business notices. Strength and Sharpness The pushpin points are made from durable steel to prevent bending and snapping. With finely sharpened tips, the pins can penetrate cork and many tough wall surfaces. Choice of Finishes Staples pushpins are available with clear pinheads or assorted colors. No matter which finish you select, the pinheads make it easy to firmly lodge the pin tips into desired surfaces with a single push.