StarTech EC1PECPS SPP/EPP/ECP Laptop Parallel Adapter Card

StarTech EC1PECPS SPP/EPP/ECP Laptop Parallel Adapter Card
Brand: StarTech
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The EC1PECPS 1 Port ExpressCard Laptop Parallel Adapter Card turns an ExpressCard slot into an IEEE 1284 Parallel port, allowing you to connect parallel devices to a laptop computer. The ExpressCard Parallel card is PCI Express (x1) based, ensuring faster data transfer rates between host and peripheral as compared to a USB-based ExpressCard; providing a cost-effective way to bridge the compatibility gap between your laptop and legacy devices. A convenient solution for adding a parallel printer or scanner, simply insert the adapter (EC1PECPS) into an available 34mm or 54mm ExpressCard slot and connect your parallel device to the adapters SPP/EPP/ECP parallel port. The adapter card is WHQL certified, so driver installation is automated for a simple plug-and-play solution.

  • Parallel adapter
  • ExpressCard
  • IEEE 1284