TRIPP LITE 0DT60001 Minicom KVM Extender USB local port + 2 Port KVM TAA GSA

TRIPP LITE 0DT60001 Minicom KVM Extender USB local port + 2 Port KVM TAA GSA
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Brand: Tripp Lite
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Tripp Lite Minicom USB / VGA over Cat5 UTP KCM Console Extender Kit 500ft - KVM extender Minicom 0DT60001 Smart KVM Extender USB with Local PT+Receiver 2PT KVM Switch

The KVM Extender USB, a versatile, plug and play solution, opens up options by enabling an extended physical separation between a KVM workstation and a computer or KVM switch. A user has the luxury of working at a KVM workstation that is up to 150m/500-Feet from a computer or KVM switch.

Increase your KVM control flexibility and extend a console over 500 ft. with Tripp Lite's 0DT60001 Smart USB KVM Extender. This extender allows you to control a computer or KVM switch from up to 500 ft. away using cost-effective Cat5 technology Tripp Lite N201-Series, which not only saves money but reduces cable clutter and installation time. With two-user access and two-port KVM function, the 0DT60001 can be configured in a variety of ways to fit your application. The unit allows simultaneous access to the same computer for increased efficiency. When used as a two-by-two system two computers; two users, one user can switch between and control two computers while a second user can only control one computer. This makes it an ideal solution for environments where a user's access needs to be restricted to a certain computer.