WITHIT R-DUO-001-02-HC-02 French Bull Duo Light - Multi-Crush

WITHIT R-DUO-001-02-HC-02 French Bull Duo Light - Multi-Crush
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Book lovers will find the Duo Light Flexible Book Light to be the perfect solution to inadequate and annoying reading lights. Suitable for any-sized book, the Duo Light has two flexible necks with dual LEDs that can be adjusted to point at the words you're reading--and not at your eyes. Perfect for traveling or snuggling up in bed, the Duo Light Flexible Book Light allows you to enjoy a little nighttime reading without disturbing your companion. Light Just Where You Need. The necks have a smooth leather covering, and they can be snapped together with their magnetic strip to create a strong beam. This maximizes both the Duo Light's effect and your ability to read easily in dark places. The Duo Light Flexible Book Light uses cool LEDs to provide steady, even light without "hot spots" that can accelerate eye fatigue. Dual LEDs bathe your page in an eye-friendly glow, allowing you to read in comfort for hours. Just two AAA batteries (not included) will give you hours of soothing light, so you can enjoy your stories for many trips to come. Comes with a hard plastic storage case. Great for traveling!

EASY TO ATTACH: This Dual head LED Book Light is built with an easy-to-attach clip that fastens to books and e-book devices.

FLEXIBLE NECK DESIGN: Built with two flexible necks, users can place the LED lights in virtually any direction. The LED lights fully illuminate the book pages and screen.

REDUCED GLARE: The Duo light has two LEDs with two brightness settings. LED lighting is very good at reducing glare on e-book devices like Kindles and the pages of books. This allows you to read in complete darkness and produces less strain on your eyes.

EASY TO REPLACE BATTERIES: The Duo Book Light reading light is powered by 2 AAA batteries (not included).