Make Ornaments From Old Circuit Boards

  • 26 Oct, 2021

Make Ornaments From Old Circuit Boards

In recent times many people are using their creative side to make items or reuse existing items, giving new vigour to older items that would otherwise have been binned. Here we chat about what is needed to make ornaments from old circuit boards - an amazingly creative way to light up your home around the holiday season.

Some items you will need, aside from magnets will be string, colour-changing LEDs, USB chargers and resistors. Of course, you could also add any additional items you desire to give it extra flare.

What Tools Should I Use?

When making your circuit board decorations it is always good to make sure you have the necessary tools on hand. With any DIY project, I find that putting all my tools and items needed out ahead of time helps me have a better idea of my goal.

Make sure you have tweezers, scotch tape, flush cutters and a soldering iron with a screwdriver tip. You’ll also need a conical tip for the soldering iron, as well as solder and a silicone mat for you to work on.

Make Ornaments From Old Circuit Boards

Here are a few items to look out for when it comes to making your own ornaments. Remember, you can make these for anybody!

  • Must be visibly appealing
  • Must be simple to use
  • Must make use of a battery

How To Wrap These As Gifts

It’s important to remember that when you make ornaments from old circuit boards, you need to keep them as free from static as possible. The static can interfere with the circuit board and may stop the lights from working.

You can use an anti-static bag to put the circuit board into, and then wrap the anti-static bag and the USB charger in some festive tissue paper. After this is done then it’s safe to add these to a normal gift bag. Always make sure to test your ornaments before wrapping them, then enjoy!