Mobile Phone Camera Lenses

  • 21 Feb, 2022

Mobile Phone Camera Lenses

Keen on photography but don’t have a professional camera? Using mobile phone camera lenses will help you pursue photography. You don’t need to invest in expensive cameras with mobile photography. Using a smartphone, you can take stunning pictures at any time and anywhere by learning photography basics. In this article, we tackle the types of mobile camera lenses.

It’s always a cheaper option to buy phones online than a sophisticated camera. So if you have a camera phone already, here’s what you need to amp up your phone’s camera features with camera lenses.

What Features To Look For

When choosing a lens for your mobile phone web camera, think about this - “What are you going to take pictures of?” The setting is crucial in choosing the type of lens needed for your shoot. Afterwards, you’ll need to think about the weight and size of the lens.

Plus, consider the extra accessories and features that come with the camera lenses including its protective case, durable clips, microfiber lens cloth, and many more. Lastly, if you’re picky about the brand, you may want to consider this as well.

Types Of Mobile Phone Camera Lenses

Listed below are the types of lenses to choose from. We recommend looking at some sample pictures to familiarise yourself with the output of each lens.

  • The fisheye camera lenses
  • The macro camera lenses
  • The telephoto camera lenses
  • The wide-angle and super wide-angle lenses
  • The filtered lenses: colour, polarize, kaleidoscope, and ND

How To Protect Camera Lenses

There are many ways to protect and preserve the quality of mobile phone camera lenses. One of which is to always use a hard protective case to prevent physical damage and scratches. To prevent further scratches, only use a microfiber cloth to clean the lens.

Moreover, you can use a specialised cleaning solution or as simple as alcohol to clean the lens. Lastly, always make sure the lenses are stored dry and away from moisture that causes fungi. Religiously follow these simple steps to protect your kit to allow it to endure the wear and tear of gadgets.