1970s History of Music - Hardback

1970s History of Music - Hardback
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IWOOT - Stuff you really, really wantThe style of the 70s was bold and daring, just like the music of the time. The 1970s saw the rise of disco and all things that came with it (including the dancing). Rock evolved and broke out into vibrant subcultures such as glam rock and punk rock, though the 70s had more to offer than types of rock, such as pop, soul, and the creation of rhythm and blues. This collection of images and articles has been created in a scrap-book style, capturing the icons of music from the time. Those who grew up or were born in this decade will love this blast from the past.On the opening page of your book, you will find a special redemption code and web address which will allow you to order a free label to personalise your book. This label is designed to form part of a personalised page. It can include the recipient’s name along with your message to them and will be sent to you free of charge within 3 working days of you redeeming it online. When the personalised element of your gift is received through the post, simply remove the original label and replace it with your new personalised version to create the ideal gift.