4 Person Sauna with Heater

4 Person Sauna with Heater
Brand: Vidalux
Color: brown
Size: 190.0 H x 150.0 W x 300.0 D cm
3099.99 GBP
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The range of classic FAR infrared home saunas is unbeatable. A fantastic mix of high-quality components paged in a great value, a modern-looking sauna that’s unrivalled.Alongside all this assured and patented technology, you’ll find the chromotherapy top light with a handy remote and a whole host of media options, a vast improvement against a ’normal sauna manufacturer’s clunky car CD player.The specially selected, high-grade Canadian hemlock offers an eye-catching, fine and light tone that perfectly compliments most interiors. This sustainably sourced wood is known locally for its natural anti-corrosion is non-allergenic, non-toxic and has little to no wood aroma. The high-grade hemlock is specially treated during our production process to be much more resistant to shrinkage than the most commonly used grade, giving it a longer usage life when compared to other manufacturers.All the operations within the home sauna range are controlled by our soft-touch digital control panel. Thermostatically controlled heat settings and timer tailor the environment perfectly to your desired setting and a choice of either Bluetooth, FM Radio and USB delivers your choice of music to the high-quality digital stereo twin speakers housed in the ceiling of the sauna.The chromotherapy lighting captivates your senses to bring a whole new level of relaxation and health benefits. Allow the Ambient lighting to cycle through the various colours or select a single colour to suit your mood. The ‘Classic sauna’ range is a reliable and trustworthy offering that is head and shoulders above the ‘standard’ we see on the market today where such items like cheap car CD players, wood door handles and other poor design and manufacturing can be seen throughout.