African Cauldron With Feet Enamelled Cast Iron Pot With Lid 10 L

African Cauldron With Feet Enamelled Cast Iron Pot With Lid 10 L
Brand: Rosalind Wheeler
Color: black,gray
Size: 120.0 H x 40.0 W cm
319.99 GBP
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African cauldron with feet enamelled cast iron pot with lid 10 L African cauldron, enamelled cast iron African kettle; the pot allows the cooking of a wide variety of dishes enchanting its original taste and smell. The set includes a cauldron and its lid to keep the flavor and aroma inside the pot while cooking. Kettle that could be hung on a forged tripod (see in our catalog) with a height of about 165cm/180cm adjustable height that also serves as a decorative element for your garden. This African kettle is designed to prepare an unforgettable and convivial evening without losing the culinary flavor of your food. The African Kettle is made entirely of high quality enamelled cast iron, which makes it very easy to clean and prevents corrosion. The height of the kettle can be easily adjusted using the spool on the top of the tripod. Kettle with a capacity of 7L / 10L / 15L will allow you to prepare several dishes for 1015 people. Now you can cook easily in your garden. African kettle is an excellent solution for camping or as part of a successful event in the garden. Our kettles are of high quality for healthy eating, excellent design for easy use; The kettle is made of solid enamelled cast iron with very good thermal conductivity and keeps your food hot for a very long time. thickness: 3 mm Available capacities: 7L, 10 L or 15 L High quality product European manufacture