Airolube Super degrease / Degreaser - 500 ml 551163

Airolube Super degrease / Degreaser - 500 ml 551163
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Airolube Super degrease / Degreaser - 500ml Trigger Many people are concerned about the health of the earth and are increasingly opting for clean. new. responsible organic (plant-based) products. That is why Airolube has made this trend its core business. Airolube products are made from rapeseed oil for cleaning. lubrication and maintenance. Airolube Super Degreaser: is a functional degreaser for degreasing the drivetrain of the bicycle and lightly soiled car. motorcycle and agricultural parts. The natural formula of the Airolube Super Degreaser is completely biodegradable and friendly to paint and carbon. The powerful degreaser dissolves oil. grease and other dirt. Airolube Super Degreaser ensures that the metal parts do not dry out and corrode after the parts have been degreased. What remains are clean parts. Airolube stands for:

  • Biodegradable. sustainable and green
  • Of high quality
  • Competitive prices
  • Aerosol cans without harmful propellants
  • Without microplastics (PTFE)
  • Recyclable packaging
  • CLP Free. ADR Free. PGS15 Free Why canola oil? Crude rapeseed oil has advantages over fossil oils. Because it is of course also liquid at lower temperatures. there is no need to add expensive substances that are needed in fossil fuels. In addition. it is polar. This magnetic property ensures that rapeseed oil naturally adheres very well to metals. Parameter : Degreaser Content: 500 ml