Anker Cosmos Laser 4K - Uk

Anker Cosmos Laser 4K - Uk
Brand: Anker
Color: One Colour
1999 GBP
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Anker Cosmos Laser 4K - UK Make your movies shine with the intensity of 2400 ISO Lumens, which is so bright you can even watch with the lights on, then watch every pixel pop in 4K UHD quality. he ergonomically designed handle allows you to conveniently move Cosmos Laser 4K Projector to the bedroom or the backyard, wherever you want to watch movies. Enrich your ears with the sweet, rich sound of movie soundtracks from the dual 5W tweeters and notice the heightened intensity from the dual 10W speakers immersing you in the action. Computing Accessory Type: Projectors and Screens Depth: 263 MM Witness the brilliance of 2,400 ISO Lumens andfindyourself drawn into the vivid 4K display amplified by the Laser Forge Image Engine Color Pops Off the Screen:Enrich your color with Advanced Laser Phosphor Display (ALPD)3.0,HDR10 enriches your images with extra brightness and color Move Your Home Theater:Easily carry Cosmos Laser around your house with its ergonomicallydesigned handle and enjoy movies in your ideal spot. Hear the rich soundscape of 20W speakers that thud with everyexplosion and give you goosebumps with every whisper Instantly create a cinema with IEA (Intelligent Environment Adaptation)Technology Feel Your Sound:Hear the difference of true 3D sound with Dolby Audio speakers. With just a tap of yourfinger, you can watch your favorite shows from7,000+ apps, including Netflix (Access with included 4K streaming dongle) Connect Any Device:Use your phone, tablet, or USB drive to link with Cosmos Laser 4K, so youcan stream the content you want without hassle Height: 220 MM Width: 165 MM