Arushan Wallpaper

Arushan Wallpaper
Categories: Decoration, Wallpaper
Brand: Rosalind Wheeler
Color: black
Size: 360.0 W cm
223.99 GBP
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The fleece wallpaper we offer impresses with its high-quality print and rich colors. Perfectly reproduced details and extremely beautiful colors make the wallpaper very realistic. The material used evenly reflects the sun’s rays, and the colors do not fade over time.The wallpaper is extremely easy to install. Unlike other products, the glue is applied to the wall, after which the wallpaper is placed directly on the prepared surface. Simple and convenient! An additional advantage of fleece wallpaper is thermal and acoustic insulation. It is great for rooms where we want to maintain peace and quiet. We can use it in the bedroom, living room, children’s room or hallway.Advantages of our wallpapers:✓ High image quality, thanks to perfect reproduction of details✓ Beautiful colors that make the print very realistic✓ Durable colors that do not fade over time✓ Very easy to install✓ Wallpaper perfectly masks unevenness, is resistant to warping and tearing✓ It is printed with modern and ecological technology✓ The wallpaper does not emit odors and is 100% safe for health✓ The material does not shine and evenly reflects the sun’s rays✓ You will receive the adhesive for the wallpaper free of chargeRemember that you are buying a wallpaper. Motifs such as glitter, gold, silver, concrete, marble, rusty sheet metal, wood, etc. are printed, so they may differ in appearance from their real counterparts.The shades of the finished product may differ slightly from the visualization due to the type of glass used, the calibration of the monitor on which the items are viewed, the printing machine and the type of ink used - a slight difference in shades is not a reason for complaint.Verification of any defects should be made before installation. Colour: Black